Bonjour, sugar.

With the idea of spinning fresh cones of cotton candy in creative and unique flavors such as Champagne, Orange Bourbon, and Watermelon for all to enjoy, Art of Sucre is on a mission to spread a little bit of extra sweetness because we firmly believe it’s the small things that bring the most joy.


Treat Yo'self.

From gourmet cotton candy pouches to glitter bombs, we have what you need for your next celebration.

Sucre Taster Club

Art of Sucre at your doorstep once a month!

Only the real ones are official members of Sucre Taster Club where each month a box of limited edition cotton candy will be delivered to your doorstep. Each month you will have access to never before seen flavors, drink recipes for your glitter bombs, and the best part is you get to give us your feedback on what was hot and what was not!

Time For Drinks already?

Cotton candy wrapped around edible glitter in individual containers. Once the cotton candy is dropped in the liquid it will dissolve and edible glitter will float down. Yes, it’s just as magical as it sounds!


Pop some champagne or your favorite clear, bubbly beverage.

Pour beverage into a clear glass. (Pro tip: only fill glass half-up to avoid overflow)

Open the Art of Sucre Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb.

Drop the bomb straight into your glass & watch as the glitter erupts. Top off with more bubbly.

Once your drink is ready, always be sure to cheers!

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