Peach Bellini

Peach Bellini CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Don’t get too attached. Miss Peach Bellini is catching flights, not feelings. The peachy keen queen will live in your head rent-free, but she’s too busy doing hot girl sh*t – drinking her favorite cocktail on the beach. Peach Bellini is all about that “Friday feeling” seven days a… Continue reading Peach Bellini


Watermelon CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Hang ten, dude! Mr. W is catching waves and scouting out babes. When he is not in the water shooting the curl, you can find him at the skate park shredding on the halfpipe. Life may be short, but Watermelon is here to ride the wave and skate on by!… Continue reading Watermelon

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Miss Raspberry Lemonade is feelin’ ah-ah-ah-ah alive thanks to all the good vibes. She is “hot girl summer” all year round, manifesting sunny rays and festival days. With a life motto of “why be moody when you can shake yo’ booty?”. Clearly, Miss Raspberry Lemonade is thriving, not just… Continue reading Raspberry Lemonade

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 When life gives you lemons, toss them aside and eat Miss CD’s cookies instead! One bite and you will say, Holy Chip! Miss CD is the sweetest, most kind human you will ever meet. She warms up whatever kitchen she is in, making anyone in her presence smile brighter… Continue reading Cookie Dough

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Hey sweet stuff, how you doin’? It’s your birthday! Whether you’re turning another year older or you just like birthday cake cotton candy, you have our full permission to not share this pouch! You do you boo, treat yo’ self. Smash the entire bag in one sitting or hide… Continue reading Birthday Cake

Island Punch

Island Punch CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Not everyone fits in the “bad B” genre, but Miss Island Punch is that girl! You will never find Miss IP without a fruity cocktail in her hand that tastes like the beach. Laying in the sand filming TikTok trends with a paradise flare is what Miss Island Punch… Continue reading Island Punch


Manhattan CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Swaying to the beat of his own Sax, Mr. M is swift on his feet causing all to swoon! Suave as can be, in a world full of trends, Mr. Manhattan always remains timeless and classy. Top-shelf is the only option when Mr. Manhattan is concerned. Mr. M lives and… Continue reading Manhattan


Champagne CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 Lights, camera, action! Miss Champagne sparkles when she pops into a room like the glass of bubbly in her hand. Classy and fabulous, she is the star of the show. She is always dressed to impress and ready to strut down the runway. Miss C’s red-bottomed heels are higher than… Continue reading Champagne

Strawberry Bubble Gum

Strawberry Bubble Gum CHOOSE A FLAVOR $12 It’s “main character” vibes only for Miss SBG. Sunnies on, music up, making her way downtown while snapping her strawberry bubble gum, SBG creates the life she wants to live. Ask anyone who knows – she radiates BBGE (big bubble gum energy)! She’s not your average babe, she’s… Continue reading Strawberry Bubble Gum