Mimosa Glitter Bombs


 But first mimosas……Mimosa Glitter Bombs are back this year and ready for any occasion! We’re not saying that you won’t need the orange juice, but we’re also telling you that you won’t need the orange juice with an orange mimosa flavored cotton candy with gold glitter on the inside.


Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs are best used when dropped into a glass and a clear, bubbly beverage is poured directly on top. Safe for all ages to consume and don’t forget to give the drink a little stir for the full, sparkly effect! 

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Advent Calendars

Order before they sell out!

Advent Calendars are back and better than ever this year! This year we will be offering the 12 Days of Cotton Candy, the 12 Days of Glitter Bombs, and if you want to celebrate all month long, the 24 Day bundle includes the 12 Days of Cotton Candy and the 12 Days of Glitter Bombs!

Orders will begin to ship out on Monday, November 14th!