Brut champagne flavor with a popping surprise

Lights, camera, action! Miss Champagne sparkles when she pops into a room like the glass of bubbly in her hand. Classy and fabulous, she is the star of the show. She is always dressed to impress and ready to strut down the runway. Miss C’s red-bottomed heels are higher than your standards, so take a picture babe — it will last longer.

Cotton Candy Pouches are meant for snacking & sharing with friends! If you’ve got enough self control (congratulations!) to not eat the whole bag in one sitting be sure to securely zip the pouch closed so your cotton candy does not disintegrate! 

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Our Favorite Recipe

Champagne Glitter Bombs

Love our champagne cotton candy? Try our Sucre Shimmer Glitter Bombs! Champagne cotton candy with a sparkly twist too elevate any clear and bubbly beverage!