Burning sensation of bourbon with a sweet kiss of orange and cherry

Swaying to the beat of his own Sax, Mr. M is swift on his feet causing all to swoon! Suave as can be, in a world full of trends, Mr. Manhattan always remains timeless and classy. Top-shelf is the only option when Mr. Manhattan is concerned. Mr. M lives and breathes “drive German, wear Italian, drink bourbon, and kiss French.”

Cotton Candy Pouches are meant for snacking & sharing with friends! If you’ve got enough self control (congratulations!) to not eat the whole bag in one sitting be sure to securely zip the pouch closed so your cotton candy does not disintegrate! 

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Our Favorite Recipe

Bourbon any way you like it

Bourbon on the rocks with a twist? Classic Manhattan? Try adding in a poof of our Manhattan Cotton Candy for a luxardo spin on a classic favorite.