Raspberry Lemonade




Nostalgic lemonade flavor with a raspberry twist

Miss Raspberry Lemonade is feelin’ ah-ah-ah-ah alive thanks to all the good vibes. She is “hot girl summer” all year round, manifesting sunny rays and festival days. With a life motto of “why be moody when you can shake yo’ booty?”. Clearly, Miss Raspberry Lemonade is thriving, not just surviving.


SURPRISE! Not only are your favorite flavors back in stock, but we have a brand new pouch size! Our new pouches are a little bit smaller, more snackable, and perfect for anyone that wants to sit down and enjoy their favorite sweet treat!


NET WT. 0.85 OZ (24g)

Cotton Candy Pouches are meant for snacking & sharing with friends! If you’ve got enough self control (congratulations!) to not eat the whole bag in one sitting be sure to securely zip the pouch closed so your cotton candy does not disintegrate! 

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Our Favorite Recipe

Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes by Baker by Nature

Want a zesty way to incorporate your Raspberry Lemonade Cotton Candy in a dessert? Try these Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes by Baker by Nature! Then, wrap a lollipop with Raspberry Lemonade cotton candy for a super cute topper!