Sucre Subscription Box (Annual)

$460 – 12 Month Subscription

Shipping included

Say hello to the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth! When you purchase our 12-month subscription you will receive a limited-edition Art of Sucre Tote with your purchase as well as one box of sweet treats for 12 months. This is an annual pre-paid purchase that will auto-renew after 12 months and cannot be canceled mid-subscription. You can manage your subscription here

Boxes will ship out the 15th of each month. 



Tote (One with a purchase of 12-month subscription) 
1 Full Size Limited Edition Flavor 
1 Sample (guess the flavor)
2 Glitter bombs with limited edition flavors and colors 
1 Sticker 

NOTE: Due to the delicate nature of our cotton candy, we suggest you consume our product as close to the arrival date as possible. Climate and environment play a huge part in cotton candy remaining fresh, so if you have to store it, please store it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. However, please note the longer it sits, the higher the chance of disintegration.