For All of Your Special Occasions

Looking to add some sweetness to an event, party or gift? Sucre Customs has ya’ covered. With the help of our in-house production team we can help you create the cotton candy of your dreams. From flavor to glitter color, to custom packaging, your wish is our command.

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Custom Cotton Candy


Combine your pure imagination with our flavor expertise to create a nostalgic, magical experience like no other with our pouches of cotton candy! Some AOS favorites are Peach Watermelon, Strawberry Mango, Brookie, and Cinnamon Roll. 


Looking to add a little extra somethin’ to your pouch. Ask us about popping candy, sprinkles, and other fun add-ons!

Custom Glitter Bombs


A puff of any flavor cotton candy with edible glitter on the inside that you drop into your favorite beverage (preferably clear and bubbly). Watch the cotton candy dissolve and the magic happen! Our glitter bombs elevate any experience – you have to see it to believe it!

DISCLAIMER: Glitter colors may not be the exact same as they appear on photos and videos due to lighting and being a small batch hand-crafted.*

Ready to secure the sweet goods?

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Say “I Do” to us too, boo! Make your wedding unforgettable by adding custom cotton candy pouches and cotton candy glitter bombs to your signature drink or champagne toast.



Who doesn’t love a good soriee? Whether you’re planning for a 21st, a terrible two, your besties last disco, or a divorce party we have the sweet goods. We’re here to help you step up your celebration game, bebé

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Corporate Events

Events are all about elevating the experience, so let us make yours magical! Adding cotton candy glitter bombs and pouches to your companies event is sure to make the sweet impact that you have been searching for!

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Corporate Gifts

Give the gift everyone wants. Cotton candy is the perfect “thank you” for those that mean the most to your business. Want to take it one step further? Create custom packaging to showcase you and your brand in a unique way.