Cotton Candy Delivered to your Doorstep.


Only the real ones are official members of Sucre Taster Club where each month a box of limited edition cotton candy will be delivered into your hands. What makes this so special? Every month you will have access to never before seen flavors, drink recipes for your glitter bombs, and the best part, you get to give us your feedback.



Boxes will ship out on the 15th of each month. Sign up by the 28th of the month and your first shipment will arrive the following month.

One Limited Edition Flavor of the Month Pouch

Each week we drop a new limited-edition flavor in the store! They sell out quickly, but don’t sweat it because taster club bébés get first taste of the next month’s most anticipated flavor! Talk about VIP, Sugar!

One Set of Limited Edition Glitter Bombs

Includes a 4-pack of cotton candy glitter bombs you can only get if you are taster club bébé! Keep an eye out for the recipe card with ideas for cocktails and mocktails too!

One Test Taster Pack

Want to be an official Sucre Taste Tester? Your wish is our command! Each box will include a 4-pack of never before released cotton candy flavors for you to sample and give us your thoughts! Slide into our DMs or watch for interactive social media posts for you to give it to us straight and help us recipe test!

Okay, where do I sign up?